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The world’s first complete weight loss and weight management system to include Fucoidan, LIMU LEAN is designed for lasting results. Kick start your commitment to yourself and power your results with LEAN.


The health benefits of Fucoidan have been published in more than 1,500 scientific articles in The US National Library of Medicine. The research shows that Fucoidan has life-sustaining and immune-boosting properties.  The research on this key nutrient go so deep you've got to see for yourself if it can help your health. *Click the button.


**NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA** Powered by the health-enhancing supernutrient Fucoidan, the LIMU LEAN System is specially designed to be integrated into your active daily lifestyle. Whether your focus is on weight-loss or you’re looking to supplement your workouts with the highest-grade whey proteins, LIMU LEAN can help you achieve your fitness goals.
The LIMU LEAN System is comprised of our all new Protein Shake Mix in Dutch Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla and complimented by our award-winning LIMU LEAN BURN; A powerful fat-burning and craving-curbing blend containing 1oz of Tongan Limu Moui, 20g of premium protein, 100mg of natural caffeine and 7g of soluble fiber.


Our new and improved formula provides healthy, balanced nutrition and comes in 2 delicious flavors – Dutch Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla. Featuring four of the highest-quality proteins on the market, along with 22 essential vitamins and minerals, plus clinically backed GanedenBC30® probiotics to support immune function and digestive health. LIMU LEAN shakes are perfectly formulated to get in peak physical shape. Individually packaged for convenience, there’s a lot of power in these packets – and they’re always here to help you shed unwanted pounds on the go.
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“We started replacing two meals each day with the LEAN shakes, as well as making healthier food choices. The weight seemed to be melting away. My husband has now lost 88 pounds and 43 total inches, 10 of that in the waist. I have lost 45 pounds and 18 total inches, with 6 being from my waist. Thanks to LIMU, we feel better than ever!”- Michelle S.

“I knew I had dropped several pounds because my clothing felt and fit better on my body. I weighed myself and was down 15 pounds! I feel better than I have ever felt in years.”- Crystal M.

“LIMU LEAN is infused with the super nutrient FUCOIDAN, something that no other shake offers, and makes it the best one out there IMO. I lost weight with it and now use it for maintenance and my son uses it for work out recovery.”- Niki

“I lost 15 pounds within the first month by replacing my last meal of the day with a LIMU LEAN shake.”- Hector V.

“Love LIMU LEAN so I committed to drinking at least one shake a day, every day, as a full meal replacement.”- Andrea R.

†“LIMU products are not drugs and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are simply dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effect key ingredients of LIMU products have on the immune system, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product.."

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