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FAQs - LIMU Products

Limu is a new type of company, one founded on the idea that healthy beverages should be natural and refreshing. All of the products boast massive health benefits that promote complete nutritional health on a new scale. By using a seaweed called Limu Moui, all of the health drinks are all natural and contain more vitamins and minerals than any other land based plant with a nutrient exclusive to seaweed, Fucoidan.

The seaweed is sustainabley harvested by locals of the Kingdom of Tonga and flash frozen for greatest bioactive preservation. The nutrients are extracted in a chemical-free process to maintain quality.

Limu Moui contains over 70 different vitamins and minerals that closely match the bodies nutritional demand.  Very few people obtain the recommended vitamins and even fewer obtain the mineral requirements for optimal health. Limu works by delivering on those demands in a natural plant-based supplement. When the body is given the right fuels it starts to restore and energize itself.

Limu products need to be refridgerated after opening and can last up to two months. Before opening, they can last 2 years on the shelf. *See the bottom of the bottle.

Yes, Limu products are Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free and Kosher.

Limu products are some of the lowest calorie supplements because of the natuarlly low levels of sugar found in seaweed. See the nutritional labels for each product. 

Limu products can only be purchased from an authorized affiliate. The Limu Company prides itself on distributing commissions from the sales of its products to its hard working distributors.

Because the benefits of Limu are natural nutrition they take a minimum of 30 days for you to see their effects, any less and your body won't see the best results that so many have experienced.

Yes. Limu makes all natural energy drinks with natural caffeine from the guarna seed for those looking for healthy alternatives to the current energy drinks on the market. 

They use reverse osmosis water in all products.

Limu is best experienced when you want to drink it. The important part is that you drink a daily amount.

Limu drinks can be enjoyed by anyone that is looking for greater nutrition then usual diets offer for better energy and health. Because Limu is simply food, it can be enjoyed by most anyone. 

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