The Ocean In Us

10 Ways Our Body is Like The Ocean

Posted Feb, 2017

In a special bond of creation the world and our physical bodies have always sought to be more connected. In almost every culture, from the earliest remnants of man, we’ve connected with nature and natural forces to better understand ourselves and why we’re here. However, nothing captivates the human body better than our big blue friend the ocean. I’d imagine that if the ocean were a person, we’d be best buds.

We are both Salty as heck!

I’ve heard this term used a lot lately and I’m not talking about the emotional state someone gets in when they’re bitter over something. The ocean and our bodies blood shares the similarity of containing a good amount of NaCl. Salt in our blood plays a vital role in the regulation of our body’s functions including nutrient transportation for many functions of the body including the brain and heart. The ocean transports more nutrients across our planet than any other method.

We Share Mineral Dating Profiles

The ocean and the human bodies seek the same minerals for sexy body health, like Magnesium, sulfur, calcium, bromine, carbon, iodine, selenium, zinc, iron and more! It’s believed that many of the most common health issues in western culture are derived from mineral deprivation, but the ocean doesn’t lack where we do. The ocean is in constant balance of mineral goodness just like we seek in our eating habits. Unfortunately, mineral deprived soil leaves us searching for that oceanic balance.

We move where the current takes us
Just like the EAC (East Australian Current) takes turtles like Crush thousands of miles on a powerful current, so does the human body naturally seek out social directions. By no means does this mean individuality isn’t a good thing but quite opposite in that society is something that puts our collective needs ahead of the individual. The ocean flows gracefully so that our entire mother earth can thrive. Inspirational leaders like, Nancy Brinker, who founded “Race for the Cure” ironically rallies humans to flow together in common good.

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At heart, all life on earth uses water in its environment to stay alive by taking in energy and ridding themselves of toxins like waste. Water is simply essential. Have you ever just stopped and stared at the ocean, a river, or even the rain? I like to think that when I’m sitting on the beach in all of its soothing presence, that the ocean is staring back at me admiring the complexity of life. Weird, I know.

We both regulate temp with flow

You know what they say; it’s the motion of the ocean baby. When we want out bodies to cool down or heat up, we transport that heat with flowing blood and distribute it where it’s needed. Relaxing your body can also help to increase blood flow, ironically enough, being near the ocean naturally relaxes us.

We have the power to cause great change

The power to create great change in our world is reserved for the highest of honors. The ocean’s tsunamis and tropic storms have no equal in this world in their potential for earth moving change. Have you seen what bodies in motion can do though? Our ideas craft the very fabric of social change and can gather momentum through inspiration. Look how our vocabulary, self-expression and even political campaigning have changed through recent bodies in motion.

Social Change
Changing your environment is natural.

And the power to slowly erode

It may be obvious to us that the ocean erodes the cliff edges like slow moving sand-paper but do we recognize when this happens in our own lives? Not eating the right foods, not showing the ones we love we care, not taking time for ourselves. We can slowly erode even when we seem calm and predictable.

Our health is dependent on what is put in us

Oh so unfortunately true. Many people unfortunately neglect their diets even if they typically avoid processed foods, western diet is the void of the vitamins and minerals that use to embed our food. On the contrary, when we change our diets to whole and enriched foods we feel better than ever. The ocean is much the same. It suffers with added pollutions that affect us systemically but can be cured when only natural elements are added.

We are still being discovered

Isn’t it just miraculous that science and research has continually progressed at exponential rates over the last 100 years and yet there are still so many new discoveries happening every day from the mysteries of the human anatomy and soul to the deepest and shallowest parts of the sea.

We inspire each other – calm focus and gentle awareness.

I like to think that we inspire the sea to be a calmer more powerful presence. I hope that we aren’t the only ones drawing inspiration from the ocean but can give a little ourselves. The sea has inspired us to love deeper, express broader, rage and calm within our tide but most of all to be happy at whatever shore we land on.

I hope you enjoyed reading these inspiring similarities between the biggest known body and our very own. Feel free to share this article with your loved ones and spread the joy!

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