The Best Way to Get Fucoidan and Benefits

You’ve heard of Fucoidan and the amazing health benefits that it has been shown to have on the body’s immune system, but what is the best way to get Fucoidan into your body?

First, lets quickly touch on what Fucoidan is and where it comes from. It is a super nutrient, polysaccharide, found in the cell walls of seaweed that is responsible for the plant’s resilience in the harsh and constant underwater sea.

underwater seaweed

What is more surprising is that this unique plant nutrient isn’t found anywhere else on earth and in coastal communities that eat seaweed as part of the regular diet, longevity and disease resistance tend to be robust. That is exciting.

Furthermore, the heightened interest in this nutrient has led to over 1,700 studies on the beneficial effects of Fucoidan. You can see some of the research yourself at

What ways can you get Fucoidan?

  • Dry Pill Form (Most Affordable) – This is the most common method for getting Fucoidan and by far the most affordable of the options available for consumption. However, dry consumption of Fucoidan has been shown to be less effective due to the lost of integrity during the process of dehydration and storage. My recommendation is this supplement: Dr.’s Best Fucoidan
  • Liquid Pill Form – The prices range for liquid Fucoidan, however, the process normally does not vary from the dry version, at least for the affordable options of liquid pills. What I have found in my research is that the liquid pills are just re-hydrated, which is not going to increase effectiveness. Still a cost effective way to get the nutrient.
  • Cold Pressed Liquid Extract – (The Best) There are a few different extraction methods uses by companies to extract Fucoidan, but cold pressing is by far the best because it leaves the plant organics intact to maintain effectiveness. The prices can wildly vary for this type, so finding quality and not snake juice is a task. Check out the company that I am affiliated with and visit our main website. The Perfect Nutrition.

I believe that Fucoidan is one of the few supplements int he world that are actually worth spending your money on. Many of the vitamins and minerals found in modern day bottles can be derived from food sources very easily and affordably.

Unless seaweed is a normal part of your diet, this wonderful plant is going to provide a very positive reaction in your body that you’ll be able to see results with.

You’re armed with some knowledge about the options available to you with Fucoidan and if it’s not with us, I hope you find the most effective source.

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