Seaweed Health Benefits

Seaweed Energy Drinks? Uh Yes.

Red Bull and Rockstars OH MY! Healthy Seaweed Energy Introducing BluFrog, the all natural energy drink made with seaweed. Whether it’s before a long day at the office, a hard workout, or an all-night study session, many of us turn to energy drinks when we need a little boost. Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar […]

Seaweed's Gone Social

Drinking Seaweed: A Social Activity

Drinking Seaweed: A Social Activity Social Gathering For Seaweed There are certain things that just seem more natural when you’re with a group friends or our family.  Drinking your choice of alcohol has long been one of the most festive and social times in society.  We are raising our glasses and often our voices in […]

Fucoidan Facts

Fucoidan Facts: The “Gift of the Sea”

FUCOIDAN FACTS I’d like to share with you the collective facts, research and testimonials about a nutrient called Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a complex polysaccharide that is found in the living cells of seaweed’s plant walls. This nutrient is so fascinating to researchers and well-being seekers because it is only found in seaweed and doesn’t occur […]