Sea Vegetables – Why You Need Them in Your Diet

Seaweeds Are Not Like Other Plants

A Nutritional Perspective of this Perfect Food

Consider what we’ve learned about nutrition in the past 20 years, especially the last 10.  Studies from renown universities and research institutes all around the globe have raised their heads high in the medical arena proclaiming that “Nutritional habits contribute up to 80% of the worlds chronic degenerative diseases.” So what do we do about it and how can Sea Vegetables help us?

We change our minds about nutrition

Sea Vegetables may just be that paradigm shifting change that can help the average westerner start making the dietary changes that could save their lives, and we aren’t talking about eating seaweed for every meal.  Just a small serving of seaweed every day can provide the necessary supplementation to fill our nutritional glasses from half full to brimming.

Why would such a small amount make such a big difference? 

The answer to this is found in the vitamin and mineral makeup of the seaweed plant.  Although species vary in regards to the concentration of minerals and vitamins that the plant stores, the profile’s remain fairly similar.  That’s because seaweed doesn’t grow like other plants that we are used to eating.

Most plant’s that we see at our dinning tables are from farms that have used the same soil for over 100 years.  Land plants are limited to the soil that is directly below them to construct themselves and bring the essential nutrients to your body in every chomp.

Seaweed plant’s soil is the entire flowing ocean.

An ocean that dissolves everything it touches and swirls it around. The vegetables of the sea act as sponges as they absorb a rainbow of nutrients flowing by.

“they offer the broadest range of minerals of any food, containing virtually all the minerals found in the ocean—the same minerals that are found in human blood.” – George Mateljan Foundation

10 Health Reasons People Eat Seaweed For:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties of Fucoidan, a complex molecule only found in seaweed.
  2. Can help with regulating healthy blood cells for nutrient transportation.
  3. Allergy inhibition and relief.
  4. Anti-viral properties.
  5. Boosted immune system with the introduction of a complete spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. (Not like multivitamins)
  6. Plant based lignans and phytonutrients.
  7. The soluble fiber in seaweed helps with digestion.
  8. Thyroid issues, with sea veggies being the best source of iodine on the planet.
  9. Natural energy and feeling of greater health and wellness.  This comes with eating healthy diets, seaweed is just a great natural food.
  10. As a healthy alternative to the crap that’s in the local markets!  You can visit our STORE to see the alternative health products we offer.

seaweed for your skin

How To Add Sea Vegetables To Your Diet

Sea vegetables can be added to you and your families diet with incredible ease.  No, you won’t be needing to slurp down a fine helping of slippery seaweed to get the benefits.  No, you do not need to buy a cook book off of Amazon and get the craftiest recipes!  Adding sea veggies to your diet is as simple as it gets and comes in sheet, flakes, power or liquid form.  (Our specialty being liquid.)

Many types of sea vegetables are available at your local markets.  Since seaweed is becoming more of a health food trend, you are likely to find seaweed snacks and sheets of seaweed in even your local Safeway.  But is that the good stuff? 

Well, first of all, seaweed in all of the forms it’s available is considered a pretty healthy food. (Unless a company decides to make seaweed ice cream…hmm)  It’s like comparing eating carrots to carrot chips, in that you’re making a pretty healthy decision with this veggie.  Much like common veggies, you’d rank seaweed similar like this: Fresh Seaweed > Dried Seaweed > Dried & Powdered Seaweed.

Cook with Seaweed

Adding seaweed to whatever you’re cooking in a pot can be an excellent way to pull out the nutrients from the plant and let them soak into what you’re cooking.  You can search for Miso recipes or get more creative.   For example, if you are cooking beans or boiling rice, seaweed can be added to the water.  When boiled, the plant releases a good amount of trace minerals that are found so abundantly.  You’ll miss out on a good amount of nutrients from the plant but this is better than not.

*Tip: Add seaweed to your lentils.

Wrap with Seaweed

You can enjoy the nutritional benefits by taking a sheet of seaweed and wrapping it around crispy veggies like carrots or meat.  You can really get creative here.  I once wrapped a turkey sandwich with seaweed, minus the bread, and my kids loved it.

Season with Seaweed

I don’t think you need any explanation here.  Westerners love to season their food and what better way to do that then with organic, vegan super food?  I personally like a company that does this in the states called Maine Coast.  You can check out their website (we are not affiliated)

Seaweed Recipe BookDrink your Seaweed

You want farmers market fresh seaweed but hate the idea of eating the slippery stuff directly?  We offer a variety of seaweed products in our store here at The Perfect Nutrition.  Drinking our seaweed is the preferred method for thousands of people who order daily.  All our products are unaltered with added real fruits for taste! You can browse our shop in the STORE tab above.

Snack with Seaweed

This remains the most popular way that people eat seaweed.  You can buy seaweed snacks at most of your local markets but the good stuff comes from your local Asian food store.  You might enjoy browsing some of the fun varieties that manufacturers have come up with by browsing through Amazon’s website.  These healthy alternative snacks are perfect for kids to munch on after school or anytime that potato chips are a threat.

Seaweed your Salad

Wakame and Arame are the best types of seaweed to add to a salad as the texture aligns well and they are easy to prepare.  You can add your own vinaigrette, sesame oil, garlic and almonds.  With salads, the sky is the limit and seaweed is the winner as it is up to 10x healthier than kale!

*Tip: Some seaweeds bought fresh contain a lot of salt, rinse them if you prefer a less salty salad. 🙂


Whether your goal is to clean up your diet, add super food veggies to your families diet, or look to heal or prevent a health condition, seaweed may be your answer.  It’s not exactly that seaweed has mystical powers, it is more that seaweed just contains SO much vitamin/mineral power compared to ANY other food and that kind of nutrition changes us.

We’ve been blessed to be a part of many success stories involving seaweed.

Share this with someone looking for an answer and/or comment to us how you’ve used seaweed and your results.  (We’re seaweed nerds and really wanna hear your story.)

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