LIMU Seaweed And Allergies, Does It Help?

Does LIMU Seaweed Might Help You With Your Allergies?

Does allergies have you sniffling your work days away at the inconvenience of your coworkers? Do you suffer from water eyes or puffy face?

You’ve got em’ bad don’t you?

Just grab a slimy pile of ocean vegetables, aka seaweed, and jam that stuff in your mouth!    Just kidding  😀

Allergy. To most, when this word is said in a room everyone can relate to the horrific symptoms. The moment one mentions allergy, unflattering images come to mind of a runny nose, uncontrollable sneezing, teary and puffy eyes, wheezing sounds of a dying animal, and itchiness in some cases.

Allergy sufferers believe that they must live their daily lives trying to control the symptoms and weaving their life around them. No two allergies are alike. Some people are allergic to pollen from flowers, others to grasses, and some to trees, dust or pet dander.

Seriously, is there anything we aren’t allergic to?  Water?…

allergy test

What Causes Allergies?

Allergens are particles of the substance that is floating in the air, when inhaled or ingested, these allergens interact with our body’s immune system which causes the body to react in an all out defensive overreaction of epic proportion.  Your bodies immune system is unbelievable at fighting off invaders but mistakes allergens, which are mostly harmless, as foreign threats.  This unintentional reaction is caused by a hypersensitive immune system.

When allergy strikes us, we usually resort to medications.

But there is a better way, a more simple solution of building up your immune system. 

How can we build up our immune system?

You are gonna probably sigh when I tell you that it’s the most common health advice given but it really can’t be said enough.

  • Dont’ smoke
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep adequately
  • Eat a balanced diet.  *Ding ding ding*

Seaweed provides allergy could help because it provides the nutrition that is lacking in 98% of people’s diets.  Our immune system is a biological machine that needs to be supplied with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals in the right amounts to operate like a purring Mustang Shelby on a breezy summer’s day.   The ocean’s “vegetables” or seaweed, are also rich in phyto-nutrients, which are powerful antioxidants instrumental in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Even more, LIMU Original seaweed has high concentrates of Fucoidan, a compound unique to seaweed, which has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties for some.  PubMed

Enjoyed by our ancestors for centuries as health food, seaweeds contain large amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties that can help.

Normal edible algae is low-calorie and packed with nutrients. Recently scientists have discovered what coastal communities have sworn by for centuries. They reported their findings @ ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


How To Add Seaweed To Your Diet

Adding seaweed to your diet is not complicated and can have extremely positive results in a holistic way.  There are a range of ways to obtain seaweeds.  If you live near a coast, then you are probably in a good place to go and harvest some of your own.  

If you’d rather have your seaweed purchase, I’d recommend purchasing raw seaweed.  I recommend raw seaweed in this blog post because I have my personal experience and my customer’s testimonials.  Generally, it’s acceptable to add dried seaweed to your diet and get a fair amount of positive health benefits, but you lose a lot of the anti-inflammatory properties of seaweed during the drying process.

You can visit any local Asian food store and get raw seaweed, I even seen it in Safeway the other day.

Of course, I highly recommend our concentrated seaweed in a bottle that makes it convenient for daily consumption and consistency, which is key.  Visit our store here. 

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