Seaweed and Weight Loss : A Limu Lean Overview

Take the guess work out of weight loss with Seaweed

One of the top reasons why most diets fail is because of those moments of weakness when it is nearing dinner time and you’re tired from a hard days work. You get to what I like to call “screw it” stage. It is at this very time in the day that adults are most likely to break their contracted diet, often regretting the decision later and blaming themselves for having weak will power! So if you know it’s going to happen, why not take the guess work out of it and recruit the power of meal replacements with Limu Lean! Hear me out.

How Seaweed Accelerates Weight Loss

With the traditional diet of eating less and eating healthier, it leaves the body in this huge short supply of nutrients because we aren’t nourishing our bodies like we should be when we start eating healthy. We often will choose a few good for us foods and try to run with it. Also, many of the low calorie substitutes that you are grabbing off the shelves are also low nutrient density and your body starts throwing your brain craving symbols.

Aging is a natural process, but it’s not fun. If there are supplements than can delay this process, why not take them? As long as there isn’t an undue risk of harm, it’s hard to justify avoiding a substance simply because our ancestors didn’t have access to it. There is good reason to believe a higher intake of nutrients may prolong life. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors may have been malnourished at certain times which is not beneficial. If supplements can buy you a few more years of quality life, why not take them? –

Exercising outdoors heightens the chemicals in the brain associated with pleasure and deepens the connection of working out and feeling happy. Two things that go very nicely together and are not always hand-in-hand. Rain and shine, people who exercise outdoors have a lower body fat % than those who work out at the gym, on average. Not only that, but working outdoors will get you your daily dose of vitamin D even if it is rainy or overcast.

Fed Up With Carrying Extra Fat?

So was I. The best routine I’ve found to get rid of extra fat is following these rules to the best of my ability!

  • Eat Breakfast – Start with a protein as your body is ready to start ramping up and you’ll be starving by lunch unless you hit eggs or cottage cheese.
  • Eat Every 3 Hours – No this is not hardcore. Just have you regular meals and a planned small snack in between so you don’t go into sugar craving panic mode. Limu Burn is an incredibly handy for this time slot.
  •  Eat Fruits and Veggies with Each Meal– High nutrition, low calories, yes please. Carbs should be only consumed after post workout for best absorption and less retention.
  • Eat Health Fats – Yeah that’s right, Eggs, some red meat, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, nuts, flax seeds.
  • Drink Water– Yeah you’ve heard it before but did you know that dehydration triggers the hunger signal to start flashing.
  • Eat Whole Foods 90% of The Time – This rule is blanket, but if you can adhere to it or get close, your health will be on cruse control.
  • Get Proper supplementation – Everything listed above, you’ve probably heard of in one form or another, but your on a blog that has in-depth research and knowledge of the benefits of proper supplementation – it’s our business. Every nutritionist agrees that supplying the body with the nutrients we don’t get normally can have profound effects on our bodies ability to heal and lose weight. Why not try the Limu Lean weight loss system?

Seaweed “Shakes” Off The Weight

No body is perfect so don’t hold yourself to such standards and challenge yourself. If you’d like to see what we are personally helping hundreds of people accomplish with Meal Replacements that take the guess work out of following the rules above, check out some of thee best vehicles to take you there!
Limu Lean Shakes

Meal replacements that pack this much nutrition are not myths anymore, seaweed is an incredible plant. Did you know that seaweed is the most nutrient dense plant on earth? That’s because seaweed filters nutrients out of the water and stocks them within its cell walls. Luck for us, we are able to extract these nutrients and unlock a more complete nutrition for ourselves.

Weight loss is a journey that is different for each and every one of us.  Where your best friend is killing it and still eating chips and breads and ice cream, YOU gain weight by smelling the pizza that you walk by.

A Gentleman at my Gym told me This Story

Sure losing weight was easy in your 20’s.  You could drop ten pounds by thinking about it and living the hyper life that you do at that age and still drink in the evening.  In your 30’s, you start gaining weight because you’re not use to the idea that food is actually really important and maybe you shouldn’t start eating like crap.  When you’re in your 40’s, your body doesn’t move like it use to anymore and when you try to run with the dog or hit the slopes with the family or hike that mountain that will be “no problem” they end up getting hurt and getting a reality check.  Slow and steady, controlled and refrained in your nutrition and health.

Then he looks me in the eyes and say “After 50 your just shit out of luck”. 

Of course that’s not true, he knew that, but it captures what it can feel like as we age and struggle with the nutritional challenges at each phase of life. (Even after 50!)

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