The Most Honest LIMU Review Online (2017)

An Account Of My Experiences Within The LIMU Co. As a Promoter In My First Year.By Zeth Owen

Thank you all for taking the time to read my experience with the LIMU Company, I appreciate it.  Let me start by saying that this is my completely honest review of LIMU since I started with the company in May 2016 and will give my experience up till now.

As of right now, 7.21.2017, I continue to be a promoter for the company BUT I believe that my review will be MORE beneficial to you than 3rd party reviews because someone on the outside just doesn’t get the full scope of details that someone on the inside can give.  I’ve waited a year to write this review, which I think has given me a full cycle of knowledge and experiences to report on.

As you read, you’ll discover I’m honest about it all.

The LIMU Company

My opinion on the company itself is rather high.  When I first researched the company I came upon reviews that indicated that the company had been out of FTC compliance in the past.  However, much like many things on the internet these days it was not as it seemed.  The company has an exceptional customer service team with regular hours and very small wait times of less than 1 minute.

I have many customers and none have ever had any complaints.  I’ve never had to deal with any returns (#blessed).  The company is based in the USA and so is the customer service.  The company has been debt-free and profitable since inception.

The LIMU Company has a solid brand and provides fairly good marketing materials.  I believe that the company has strong social media tools from promoters but lacks in educational videos for both the products and the business.  Their brochures are very details regarding product education.

One of the latest updates is the companies introduction of LIMU University.  This is an interactive video series to help new promoters launch their business.  (Very good addition since I joined in 2016.)

LIMU Nation

The last thing I’ll mention about the LIMU Company is the promotions that they run.  I have very little to compare them to but I’ve found that they’ve run 3 good promotions in the span of 1 year.  Not super strong.  Only one of those was customer focused.

The LIMU Products

This is where I will be able to provide the best insight for you.  I am a huge fan of LIMU products but I didn’t start out that way.

I was first introduced to LIMU because I was consuming Red Bulls on a daily basis and that’s not a good idea.  So I was given a “seaweed” energy drink and I was hooked.

A plant-based energy drink that costs the same as Red Bull?        Yeah, count me in.

Anyways, the LIMU Co has only a total of 5 products in 3 categories.  All the LIMU products contain some amount of their flagship product Limu Original.  The “Seaweed in a Bottle.”

So What is Limu Original?

Limu Original is the result of hand-harvested seaweed off the Islands of Tonga that is cold-press extracted and put into a bottle with mango, papaya, pear and apple. This particular seaweed has a high concentration of Fucoidan.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to hype this up here.  I’ll give you the facts about seaweed and Fucoidan.

Seaweed itself is an incredible healthy vegetable.  It contains the nutritional variety of a multi-vitamin but in a natural plant.  I have a great seaweed nutritional guide you can have with all the nutrients found in seaweed and what they do. Just put in your email and grab it.

Free Seaweed Nutiritional Guide

Fucoidan is a very interesting compound found in seaweed.  You can learn about it here but the gist of it is that the stuff is only found in seaweed and no other plant. It has been studied a crazy amount of times, most with positive results.  As a promoter with over 150 customers, I can say with a good deal of confidence that the products work for most people.

The LIMU Company has the following products as of 2017:

  • Limu Original
  • BluFrog Energy
  • BluFrog 2 Energy
  • Limu Lean Meal Replacements
  • Limu Lean Burn

Some like the taste, some don’t.  I can only say that if you are expecting a seaweed taste, you’ll be surprised it doesn’t at all.

Many customers of LIMU take their products because they help with a health condition.  I’m not going down that road as I am a current promoter and I do not believe in hyping up specific foods like LIMU but instead hyping up food as nutritional medicine!  Seriously, eating natural foods made by mother earth can prevent a lot and cure your body friends!

The LIMU Opportunity

Along with the products LIMU also offers a business opportunity with no prior experience requirements.  The company calls this being a LIMU Promoter.  As of 2017, you can start as a LIMU promoter by one of four options.  (The first being not well-known.)

  1. You can start by purchasing a customer order of $100 or more of LIMU products and request to be a basic promoter.  (You might have to do this by phone only.)  This entitles you to the commissions generated by your customer network.  No bonuses. Or.
  2. You can purchase a “Fast Track Pack” for the price of $249 / $499 / $999. The $249 option qualifies you up for the initial $500 bonus that is offered but nothing past that.  The other two options unlock the entire bonus/reward trip plan for Promoters. Read the Promoter Enrollment Agreement for more details.

LIMU Fast Track Pack

How Do You Get Paid?

Ok, the meat of this post and probably the most important for many of your readers of this LIMU Review 2017 is how promoters make money.  Making money in LIMU should not ever be described as “easy money”.  From my personal experience, it’s easy to do the activities that make you money in the LIMU system and it’s easy not to do the activities that make you money.

Firstly, know that all the money that is cut for you in LIMU comes from the sales of LIMU products and nothing else.  So in the most simple form, you make money by the sales of products both directly and indirectly… did I just confuse things? Let me explain.

It’s simple, I promise.  As a promoter you get a commission of 20% for each referral you personally make to the company that ends up in a customer purchase. This concept is pretty easily understood.  In addition, by referring 3 purchasing customers your monthly products are free, about $120-150 value.

In addition, you make 5% for each referral to the company that ends up in a promoter purchase.  This is a lesser % because you continue to get 5% on any referral that stems from your original referral.   Think of it like this, if you refer a person that becomes a promoter, it’s like growing a new branch on a tree.  As that branch grows, it sprouts other branches and becomes quite sizable over time with many smaller branches, hundreds even.  You get 5% for each branch (referral) that all started with your original one.   Watch this Explainer Video, it helps.

Promoter’s incomes in LIMU range from $0 to $150,000 per month 😯 .  In my personal experience and observations, the people who do simple daily steps over long periods of time (2-5 years) are the ones that get recognized with monthly checks bigger than most annual salaries.   I don’t see much secret sauce here, outside of just sticking to a system.



The LIMU Company offers bonuses based on the dollar amount of your entire customer & promoter network.  For example, if you have three customers buying 100$ of product each, you’re at 300 volume.  (Not including commission $ from your customers and promoters, just bonuses.)

The following are cumulative (I bolded the highlights) :

  • 2k volume – Recognized pin rank (metal pin) and possible $500 bonus if done in first month of promoting.
  • 10k volume – Another pin rank.
  • 20k – Company pays you $600 per month for you to leash a Black BMWSee program here.
  • 50k -Recognition on stage and a leadership experience fly-in trip paid for you and your spouse or business partner of 3 days 2 nights in Florida to see headquarters and get oriented to leadership.
  • 100k – Recognition and a $10,000 bonus check.  Additionally a paid for 5 days, 4 nights cruise to a tropical destination for you and your spouse or business partner.
  • 200k – Recognition and a $20,000k bonus check.  Additionally a paid for 5 days, 4 nights trip to the Bahamas for you and your spouse / business partner.  (Reoccurring Annually)
  • 300k – Recognition w/ $30,000 bonus check.
  • 500k – Recognition w/ $100,000 bonus check. Travel the World reward trips of 9 days, 8 nights.  They change this up but it’s always exotic.  (Reoccurring Annually)
  • 750k – Recognition w/ $120,000 bonus check.
  • 1M – Recognition w/ $200,000 bonus check. (One promoter couple at this level as of 2017)
  • 2M – Recognition w/ $250,000 bonus check. (No current promoters at this level as of 2017)

Phew!  That was a good amount of writing.  If you want to see the people at these levels check out Limu’s Leaders.

Pros & Cons (In my humble opinion)

Pros And Cons


  • The culture in LIMU.  Hands down the best part of being a part of LIMU is the people you’re with both locally and globally.  In my experience, everyone from the leaders to the person that introduced you are super health focused and entrepreneur focused.  Which has been powerful.
  • The simplicity.  No product inventory, no marking up products, no developing marketing videos or material, no shipping stuff or taking orders.  In my experience, I’ve only had to hand out brochures and samples to get started.  I blog about it, but it’s not necessary.
  • The support.  I’ve witnessed the company make a real effort to educate new people with online tools for you and your trainers.
  • The money and rewards.  It’s easy to see how to get paid and money earned here is different from money from my day job. (This video does a good job of quickly overviewing it).  Also, earning rewards like the ones mentioned above is a pretty great deal.
  • And of course, the Products.  If you are into natural foods and like the research of the health benefits of seaweed, you’ll love LIMU.


  • The industry. The industry of network marketing has a checkered past and is often associated with scams.  I was brand new and never heard of this industry when I joined up with LIMU.  I know, I lived under a rock I guess.  Regardless of your opinion, know that many others have a negative perception and that can weight on some.  (This video is awesome for understanding it all)
  • The awareness.  I had originally thought that since the LIMU Co. is not a huge and well-known business that I’d have the advantage of promoting something new and exciting.  What I found was that since it’s unknown, you’ll have to put in extra effort to introduce it to people and explain from top to bottom why it’s better.
  • The work it takes.  Now let me clarify.  Doing hard work is never a negative and it’s the only thing that makes people successful in my opinion.  I put this as a con because we are marketing low-ish ticket items and in order to get a decent income of $1000 or way more, you’ll be needing to grind it out.  If you are passionate about it, this won’t be grinding.

blufrog energy

Conclusion: Should You Join LIMU?

The answer to this question, I believe, is dependent on two things.  1.) Can you see yourself standing behind the LIMU products? (people know fake, so don’t lie to yourself. 😀 ) 2.) Do you have a solid reason to get involved in a part-time or full-time business?

From my experience and to sum up my honest LIMU review for 2017, I will say that this company has been very good to its promoter base and seems to be growing very steady and is pretty progressive.  Great leader, great company history, great products.   If I were to give you the ultimate advice if you are considering LIMU, you need to go all in if you do this.  I spent 7 months doing the proven system when I wanted in my free time and didn’t take it seriously.  I made no dollars…zero. 😯 

Who you join is just as important as everything else in this article.  You need a mentor with a system.  Far too many good people fail because they don’t have these.  If you want to go strong, check out our team HERE. 

Please comment below and ask your questions!

The Limu Company – The Most Honest Review Online in 2017

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