Drinking Seaweed: A Social Activity

Drinking Seaweed: A Social Activity

Social Gathering For Seaweed

There are certain things that just seem more natural when you’re with a group friends or our family.  Drinking your choice of alcohol has long been one of the most festive and social times in society.  We are raising our glasses and often our voices in the name of socializing and connecting with others.  A new trend is emerging, or rather re-emerging, in the world as more and more people realize that despite our advancements in agriculture, Mother Nature still creates the perfect nutrition best.

What’s The Green Sea Plant Good For?

Popular among those that hold the belief that food can be our best medicine (any fans of Dr. Axe?), seaweed as a source of nutrition is beginning to gain traction in the western cultures.  More health conscious people every day are putting in the effort to get their food from natural sources.  Why? Because chemically modified foods and drugs have become the norm in our fast paced lives and we’ve seen the consequences. People are getting wiser.  Couple that with research conducted by recent studies that clearly display the impacts of proper nutrition.

Regular frequent intake of fruits and vegetables is protective against hypertension, CHD and stroke. Composite diets (such as DASH diets, Mediterranean diet, and ‘prudent’ diet) have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of hypertension and CHD. Sufficient knowledge exists to recommend nutritional interventions, at both population and individual levels, to reduce cardiovascular risk. That knowledge should now be translated into policies which promote healthy diets and discourage unhealthy diets.” – Public Health Nutrition


Seaweed completes the nutritional wheel by providing the vitamins and minerals that are missing in almost every person’s diet. The seaweed plant is unlike anything that were used to eating. Most of our vegetables that hit our tables come from land grown sources, but seaweed has an advantage being from the ocean. In the ocean, seaweed doesn’t grow by using the soil right below it. Instead, seaweed absorbs natural nutrients from the never ending flow of seawater and therefore has ten times the mineral diversity and density than any land grown plant. It’s important to note that our bodies cannot manufacture minerals like we can many vitamins, they must come from our diet. (BodyBio.com)

In an article by TheGuardian.com, it was concluded that nearly 85% of Americans do not get the most important vitamins and minerals necessary for proper physical and mental development and health.

Seaweed’s Gone Social

As our culture enters and era of social connectivity at its height, a group of people have banded together to promote the health benefits of not only consuming seaweed as a natural and organic way to get your missing vitamins and minerals but to remind each other that health is a social goal.

A company called The Limu Company sources seaweed from the South Pacific Islands and chemically-free extracts the essence of the seaweed plant into a liquid beverage.  The interesting part of this company’s mission is the culture that they have built around healthy dieting, staying active and living vibrantly.


The company calls seaweed taste testing parties “Limu Experience Parties” that are arranged by their promoters. The importance of this model of promotion versus store market shelves is that it brings a person’s health to a personal level with human involvement. At the party, seaweed is highlighted as a valuable source of nutritional supplementation while also helping others realize that our body is capable of amazing restorative and healthy boosting feats if given the proper nutritional building blocks.


The company makes seaweed available in the three major health categories of supplements, energy products and weight loss.  With each category’s product featuring a healthy and natural alternative to what’s on the markets today.

Walking on a healthy choices path is becoming less of a niche market and starting to become mega-momentum with almost zero objections for the cause.   A report from health.gov stated that our communities play a vital role in encouraging and supporting healthy choices.


The end result is that for those among us who are looking for healthy plant-based nutrition the options are growing each day, surfing the wave of our movement back to whole foods for our nutrition and away from processed vitamins, pills, patches, drugs. Seaweed can be a great option for anyone looking to resolve a health issue naturally or for people looking for a plant-based alternative then the stuff being pushed by the markets of today. Visit Our Store of Limu Products Here

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