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Zeth Owen and family

 About me…Zeth

I’m a 30 year old father of those two boys in the picture and husband to that Latina fireball.  I’ve spent my career as a social worker and just love being part of organizations that aim to make a real difference in this world.  I’m currently living out of Oregon where I continue my social working career as well as having picked up a new passion.  Seaweed.

How’d I get into the seaweed business?  Good question.


I’ve always had a natural draw to the ocean and for many years I even had my own reef aquarium with a side tank called a “refugium” that was dedicated to growing seaweed.  I didn’t know it at the time but the very reason I used seaweed to clean the water is the very reason I consume seaweed daily now.  Seaweed is the most nutritionally valuable veggie on the planet.  It cleans the waters of trace elements and flourishes with vitamins.

I now spend my days enjoying the green outdoors of Oregon, talking about how fast my kids grow up and crafting my own business around the Limu Experience.  Ask any elder, kids grow up way too fast.  I’m very appreciative that I found this amazing opportunity that I work off of my cell phone.  Check out the video that got me started HERE.

Live well my friends.  I believe that if you stick to real foods and avoid the processed as much as possible you’ll live so much better.  Seaweed and the farmers market has done that for me.  Why not give it a shot?  Haha, try seaweed today!   (Sounds so funny out loud.)


Zeth Owen

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