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LIMU Seaweed And Allergies, Does It Help?

Seaweed provides allergy relief because it provides the nutrition that is lacking in 98% of peoples diets.  Our immune system is a biological machine that needs to be supplied with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals in the right amounts to operate like a purring Mustang Shelby on a breezy summer’s day.

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Harvesting Seaweed For Food

Harvesting seaweed from your local coast line should not be scary. Just the thought of it and pretty much everyone I know looks at me with an icky face and nods in discomfort. However, if you are someone that braves the unknown with the promise of an incredible natural fountain of youth, the sea’s vegetable is available now.

Seaweed Health Benefits
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Seaweed and Weight Loss : A Limu Lean Overview

Take the guess work out of weight loss with Seaweed One of the top reasons why most diets fail is because of those moments of weakness when it is nearing dinner time and you’re tired from a hard days work. You get to what I like to call “screw it” stage. It is at this […]


Seaweed Energy Drinks? Uh Yes.

Red Bull and Rockstars OH MY! Healthy Seaweed Energy Introducing BluFrog, the all natural energy drink made with seaweed. Whether it’s before a long day at the office, a hard workout, or an all-night study session, many of us turn to energy drinks when we need a little boost. Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar […]