what is limu?

The perfect nutrition? That's quite a claim, but Limu is quite a beverage. Crafted by the ocean's waves and harvested by Tongans. Limu is unlike anything else, redefining our ideas about healthy living. Limu delivers untampered and complete nutrition - more than you may have thought possible.

How Limu Original Works For You...

Limu Original:

Strengthened Immune System
• Improved Joint Mobility
More Restful Sleep
Increased Energy
Softer, Smother Skin
Greater Sense of Health & Wellness
Allergy Relief

Ocean Made

Hundreds of thousands of people include LIMU products in their health regimen. By incorporating LIMU Fucoidan Rich products into your daily routine, you may experience incredible beneficial results:

NO added sugar

NO artificial colors

NO artificial sweeteners

NO flavor additives

NO gluten

  • Seaweed is the world's oldest plant.

  • Seaweeds are the most nutrionally valuable food on earth. (Minerals are the key)

  • Coastal cultures have harvested seaweed since earliest recordings.

  • Research shows seaweed consumption can improve and resolve many common diseases. Could it help you too?

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Support Healthy Lifesytle; Boosting Energy and Healthy Glowing Skin

Asking Us To Be More

When we say more, we mean more. I believe that our nutrition is the first domino in a series of healthy lifestyle choices that can lead to greater life satisfaction. When we feel better, we think better, we move more and we live fuller.

That's why Limu products are made from the whole seaweed plant. Limu Moui is a storehouse of natural vitamins and minerals. Many people now realize that, in the main, our food is grown in depleted soil, soil stripped of vital minerals due to modern farming methods and your food intake may not provide your body with the essential minerals it needs to remain healthy. Limu Moui provides an excellent vegetarian source of minerals in a natural organic form easily assimilated by your body, unlike metallic minerals. Iron supplements are a classic example as inorganic iron is not excreted from the body and can have disasterous results.

Submerged in seawater, Limu Moui plants absorb minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, boron, zinc, and iodine. It is also rich in natural vitamins such as B1, B2, niacin, B12, E and biotin. It is important to note that vitamins render no health benefits if our bodies are deficient in minerals. Limu is perfect nutrition.

Why Seaweed Over Supplements?

Seaweed is far superior for the human body due to the curiously similar nature between the composition of nutrients in sea water and our natural blood. This connection explains why seaweed is such a powerful natural healing agent for better overall health. Limu products are the market dominators by preserving the seaweed plant's contents in liquid form for best bioavailability. 

Kindom of Tonga: Thousand years of Seaweed

In the temperate and unspoiled seawater off the coast of Tonga, dense aquatic forests of Limu moui thrive in the fertile bottom soil. Although used by the local populace for its healing and restorative properties over many years, the potential of Limu moui has only recently been recognized in the western world and only due to the curiosity of health-minded individuals. Soon, questions regarding the superior longevity, vigor, disease resistance and overall body strength and stature of Tongans provoked investigations into the diet and routine consumption of this sea vegetable were initiated, with researchers attributing the superior health of the Tongans to this unique plant and so does science.

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